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This is me!


Hi, I’m Hannah, welcome to my blog!

I’m 9 years old and just finished grade 3! I launched this blog at the Digital Family Summit in July 2012.

I live in Toronto and I have a shi tzu dog, her name is Indigo. She’s so cute! I take karate and I’m a purple belt, which is the 7th belt.

I am passionate about the environment and I was in a eco club in school. I also have interests in dogs, technology, I’m a big baseball fan! My favourite kind of music is pop. I have been to a lot of concerts!

My mom is Candace Alper and her website is and my dad is Eric Alper and his website is My parents are supporting me a lot with my blog!

Feel free to leave a comment and I’d love to read them. Pop by and say “Hi” anytime! Share what your interests are!